I have read and accept the General conditions.

General terms and conditions

1.- The device sending implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the diagnosis of data recovery, please proceed to incorporate this signed document to the device, send it by mail or you can accept the terms through its access to the OnLine tracking.
2.- The collection and logistic shipping is free as long as recovery service is performed in OnRetrieval, otherwise, it will only collection (except in DVD´s, Pendrives, SIM cards and SD´s). In the event of loss or damage shipment will be insured according to L.O.T.T., the customer exempts to OnRetrieval of any responsibility at all times for loss or damages that may be caused during this service.
3.- If it does not pull the device from the computer, let us get full. We will do the uninstall. Such a service will be held for free, for PC and portable. OnRetrieval is not responsible for the State in which comes the team, if you so decide the customer send it. In the event of a RAID, see.
4.- Once received the device to retrieve and computer to uninstall (in your case), both brackets will not remain more than 15 natural days in our facilities once provided the service. Similarly, if you have not paid the service offered and expired time (15 days), these will pass directly to OnRetrieval (Eco Retrieval) recycling program.
5.- Es obligación del CLIENTE comunicar a ONRECOVERY, S.L. si el dispositivo a recuperar y equipo a desinstalar (en su caso) contiene datos de carácter personal especialmente protegidos (salud, ideología, afiliación sindical, religión, creencias, vida sexual y origen racial) a fin de que ONRECOVERY, S.L. pueda adoptar las medidas de seguridad oportunas.
6.- All information reflected in this document is confidential, being exclusively for persons or companies mentioned here, with legal consequences inherent to this. It is therefore prohibited the possession, distribution or copying of this information.
7.- According to organic law 15/1999 (December 13), on the protection of Personal data, your data will be treated with absolute confidentiality, and may be included in the ONRECOVERY S.L.U. databases for better delivery of the required service. However, when you want to you can exercise their right of consultation, cancellation, rectification and opposition; to this email: legal@onretrieval.com
8.- If you need a stranger to OnRetrieval provider components, deadlines can be conditioned. On RAID systems recovery will lead to rates and different to the standard times. Please consult with our consultants and engineers.
9.- All the amounts reflected in the documentation the customer must add VAT (21%).
10.- Due to the large number of orders of recovery that receives our laboratory, we inform you that our servers do not allow storage of orders recovered by more than 15 calendar days.
11.- If you provide a device for the final data with data dump, OnRetrieval shall not be responsible for the content of the disk, the process of dump data is automatic and we do not guarantee the integrity of the data previously saved on the disk of the client.
12.- €199,00 extra will be added when the received device to display obvious symptoms of previous manipulation. And also if the device will come in the laboratory by second or more times, upon acceptance.
13.- In case the client provides a device of his own which contains information, with the desire to include in him the data recovered, OnRetrieval can not guarantee the confidentiality of the information contained in the same in case of loss or loss and can not encrypt The device data. This confidentiality will be guaranteed as long as the device does not contain information prior to the dump of the information retrieved by OnRetrieval

Conditions of data recovery diagnosis


1 ' ONRECOVERY S.L.', agrees the customer who signs this agreement, to the provision of diagnostic service on prospects for recovery of the data contained in the computer support provided by the client, as well as in your case, the total or partial recovery of the same.
3 ' ONRECOVERY S.L.', assumes the costs of collection and diagnostic, being these totally free to the customer, and provide to the client in a mid-term of 24 - 48 hours from receipt at laboratory, a diagnosis about the possibilities of data recovery, and adjusted to the diagnostic assessment. Customer agrees to be supplied email report of diagnosis and assessment for its acceptance or rejection.
4. The customer agrees that in the event of rejection of the budget's diagnosis, you can collect your device free of charge 'ONRECOVERY S.L.' C / Gobelas, 17 Madrid, or you will have the option of receiving it in the chosen direction, assuming the expenses of €15 return.
5 are expressly excluded from this agreement, the services relating to the diagnosis and technical possibilities of recovery of the own computer support, as well as its total or partial recovery.
6. The customer expressly authorises 'ONRECOVERY S.L.U.' to perform in the facilitated support many operations are necessary to make the diagnosis. Also warns the customer, that on the occasion of the operations and maneuvers necessary to the good end of the task, the possibility of the loss of some or all of the data that is currently have access, recommending the convenience that the data that can be accessed are archived in different media such as safeguarding of the designated event. The customer declares to know and accept this risk, exempting 'ONRECOVERY S.L.U.' or relinquished their suppliers, in the case of occurring such loss of any liability or obligation of compensation by 'ONRECOVERY S.L.', expressly waives any claims for compensation by saying why.
7 ' ONRECOVERY S.L.U.' recognizes expressly that the confidential information, is the exclusive property of the customer, so ONRECOVERY, S.L.U. acting as responsible for the processing of the data, may not reproduce it, or apply it or use it for purpose other than the purpose of the provision of services between 'ONRECOVERY S.L.U.', described in this contract, nor transfer it in any form to other people.
'ONRECOVERY S.L.U.' shall ensure the security of confidential information under their custody, preventing that third outside the present contractual relationship have access to the same, or to transmit it, store in any storage system, reproduce it by any means duplicating manual or electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical or any other, remove it or make public in any manner or form. 'ONRECOVERY S.L.U.' undertakes to return the customer, once finished the service all confidential information, unless you can keep any copy of the same. 'ONRECOVERY S.L.U.' undertakes to take the necessary measures of technical and organization that will guarantee the security of confidential information, with the exception of his loss for the reasons specified in point 6.
'ONRECOVERY S.L.' be liable to customer for all the damages caused to this and that are a consequence of failure to comply with the obligations contained in this clause, including by way of example and not exhaustive all those arising from claims of third parties or proceedings opened by the Agency of protection of data. 'ONRECOVERY S.L.U.' undertakes to respect the provisions of the organic law 15/1999 of 13 December, of protection of data of a Personal nature, in all what have you by reason of your access to the confidential information.
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